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A Bechstein For Beatrix

Recently, our team of expert piano removers paid a visit to the picturesque landscape of the Lake District - a truly beautiful part of Britain. The countryside here is painted with sparkling lakes that sleep under the splendour of the grandest mountains in Britain. But they weren't there to admire the hills - they had a transport job to do.

Entrusted with our professional piano removal team was a beautifully restored C.Bechstein upright piano, perfect for the humble cottages and homes of the Lake District. In order to deliver it, they would have to cross lakes, navigate the hills and drive through the countryside to arrive at the renowned Beatrix Potter's house.

Finding their way through the roads of the Lake District, our expert piano removal team arrived at the vast and elegant body of Lake Windemere. To reach the customer on time, they definitely couldn't drive around it - so the ferry it was.

The Bechstein piano had a lovely trip across the grandiose arm of Windemere, strapped securely inside the Expert Piano Removals transport van.

The team of professional piano removers drove the van onto the ferry and set sail across the waters of Windemere, all the while keeping watch over the treasured Bechstein upright. No job too big, no job too small, even if a lake stands in our way.

After the ferry trip, our team of expert piano removers continued their journey without delay - they weren't going to keep the customer waiting. So they started the piano removals van and headed towards Beatrix Potter's house. When they arrived, our expert piano removers got to work moving the piano out of the removals van and into the house.

Using one of our specialist piano transporting trolleys, the team of professional piano removers and transporters handled the Bechstein with care and were able to carefully move the piano into the home. The customer was extremely happy with the outcome and for Expert Piano Removals, it was a job well done.

The piano was an excellent condition, black Bechstein Model 9 upright piano. It was the perfect piano for the home and we were honoured to deliver a piano to the house once lived in by the famous children's writer Beatrix Potter.

Bechstein Model 9 Upright Piano Inside the House
Bechstein Model 9 upright piano inside the home once lived in by Beatrix Potter


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