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Get A Quote for a Piano Moving Service

There are several questions we need to ask before we can provide you with a quote for moving your piano. These questions allow us to provide you with the most competitive piano transport quote and also ensure that we are best prepared to safely carry out the job that you need us to do. We will struggle to carry out the piano removal and transport to the best of our ability without the below information. Please have the relevant information ready before calling or include answers to the questions below in your message.

Information that we will need to give you the best piano removal quote:

  1. What is the type of piano? Is it a grand piano or an upright piano?

  2. If it is a Grand Piano, please specify the dimensions.

  3. What is the collection postcode?

  4. What is the delivery postcode?

  5. Are there any stairs? If yes how many flights/steps/turns at both locations?

  6. Are there any other restrictions? If yes please specify.

  7. Any additional information you feel we may need to know.

Scott Leigh - Expert Piano Removals

Scott Leigh - Operations Manager and Head of Transport

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