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Piano removals and piano storage in Continental Europe

Piano Removals Europe

Having many years experience of shipping pianos across European borders, Expert Piano Removals ships your pianos across Europe and we ship pianos to many different European countries. Whether you live across the coast in France, in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria or anywhere else in Europe, we are here to help. Our piano team are fully experienced in ensuring all the correct customs procedures are adhered to and that your piano arrives safe and sound in either England or on the other side of the Channel. We use  secure ISPM-15 shipping crates and we can ship door-to-port or door-to-door

If you need a piano moving to or from Europe then we are the people to contact. Our specialists in the head office will ensure that the piano moving process is smooth and easy and that you will experience no added stress in transporting your beloved instrument.

We also provide piano storage in our warehouse in Cheshire. The piano can be stored with us before or after a long distance move.

Holland - Vondelpark 2004
Belgium - The Royale Theatre of the Mint
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