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Piano Storage

Specialists in Piano Storage - We Can Store Your Piano

Our Specialist Piano Storage Services - The Storage Solution for All Pianos

Expert Piano Removals provides dedicated piano storage for all models of upright and grand pianos. We have climate-controlled storage facilities within our Piano Cheshire warehouse where all pianos being stored are cared for. All pianos in our care are protected by heavy duty quilted and padded covers designed for maximum protection of your valuable investment. Our storage facilities are perfect for both upright pianos and grand pianos and we are willing to store any piano you need stored.

Your piano is fully insured whilst with us in our piano storage unit and also whilst in transit. Piano storage areas are fully secure and only accessible by our specially trained staff.

Our specialist piano storage facility is ideally located for easy access from across the UK, streamlining transit costs and times to make storage of your piano with us a safe and financially attractive piano storage solution.

If you choose to store your piano with us, you can be sure that your piano will be stored safely and securely.

Tuning and servicing of your piano whilst it is in storage
Not only do we provide specialised piano storage but we can also provide additional piano services whilst in storage so that your piano is delivered back to you in optimal playing condition and appearance. We have expert piano technicians on staff that have all had training from the world's leading piano makers. While your piano is in our care we can adjust the touch of your piano (regulation), tone of your piano (voicing) and complete any tuning required. We can also tune your piano for you once it is delivered back to you home environment. We also have on staff an expert cabinet maker and French polisher to meet all piano repair needs.
Piano Restoration whilst in storage

As our piano storage unit is in the same location as our specialist piano workshop, we are also able to carry out any restoration or repairs needed to be done to your piano whilst it is in our care. Taking advantage of this piano service means you will not have to move the piano to another location for restoration, thus cutting down on unnecessary transport costs.

Some of our valued clients who use our piano storage facilities

We are the Steingraeber distribution centre for the North of England and as a result we always have Steingraeber upright and Steingraeber grand pianos in storage ready to ship to Steingraeber dealerships around the UK. Steingraeber have inspected our facilities and are delighted with the high level of service we offer. We also store many of the world's most expensive pianos for our clients; some of the piano brands currently in storage are BosendorferSteinway & Sons, Bechstein and also Bluthner. However, you do not need to have a leading brand of piano to store it with us! Sentimental value is the greatest value of all, and we will treasure your piano for you whilst it is in our care. We offer very competitive storage rates so why not give us a ring on 0800 633 5365. We operate on the 'open doors' principle; you can come and have a guided tour of our facilities any time.

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